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Overnight Summer Camps for Kids and Teens

One of the great decision-making challenges parents face is: which is the best camp for their child. With over 7000 overnight summer camps in the United States, choice in summer camps is astounding.

If you're looking to send your child to one of many overnight summer camps, otherwise referred to as sleepaway camp or residential, there are many choices available. Today's camps are basically designed to offer kids and teens a fun summer experience, where friendships blossom and self esteem grows. Overnight camps:

  • Can run from 1 week to 10 week sessions; from June to August
  • Include campers aged 6 to 16 (some wilderness camps up to 18 years)
  • Be coed, all girls, all boys or brother and sister camps

Types of overnight summer camps:

Traditional Style

With many traditional overnight camps, campers are exposed to a lot of sports and activities such as swimming, horse back riding, rock climbing and sports like baseball, archery, basketball and tennis. These camps offer kids and teen campers a well rounded experience, broadening their interests and often relying on a more laid back approach than an intensive specialty camp. One of the nice things about this style camp (speaking from experience) is going back again the following summer to meet up with favorite; counselors, staff and good friends.

Specialized Camps

Here you will find several types of themed camps that focus on a particular activity, sport, or educational interest. Often categorized as sports camps, adventure camps, academic and arts camps; your child can benefit from the rewards of either learning something new or gaining greater skill in an area of interest. Popular choices include: horseback riding camp, music camp, football camp and adventure camp.

Looking for an overnight camp?

After January rolls in, many camps across the United States approach busy times which can go through spring. For camp directors, the process of "marketing their camp" to interested parents and kids is one that includes passing along important information about their particular sleepaway camp. This information may include a DVD of the camp, brochures and a face to face meeting with the director.

Some parents like to take a tour of the camp before sending. However, unless you visit the camp during the summer, you will not be able to get a true picture of the camp experience.

Here are ways to find out about camp…

Young campers and sleep away camp

Kid's, especially young ones, can experience homesickness if they aren't used to being away from home. Read our article about homesickness, cause you're not alone. Also learn more about the ACA before choosing a sleepaway camp.


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