Basketball Camps: Get Better Get Noticed!

Basketball has become one of the most popular high school sports for both boys and girls. It's no wonder that when summer comes, kids, youth and teens start dribbling balls at one of the many basketball camps in the US. But which ones: basketball camp programs are diverse? (Before choosing, read article about summer camp programs)

  • There are intensive camps that include serious (but fun) emphasis on training, drills and competition
  • Residential and basketball day camps for all basketball levels
  • Traditional summer camps with an emphasis on basketball for boys and girls

Camp Types:

Camp for the serious basketball player
For the serious basketball player, one who dreams of playing in college and maybe the pros one day, a serious intensive basketball camp program is worth checking out. These camp programs can include nothing but a focus on basketball and expect players to work hard to improve their game.

To add to that, many elite high school basketball players attend summer basketball camps strategically as a way to get noticed by college scouts. Certain hoop camps, such as Blue Chip, feature "exposure to recruiters" to be an important reason for going to their camp. The girls basketball camp mini -program as an example, can provide an opportunity for a talented player to gain exposure for a college scholarship.

Residential and basketball day camps
Many short stay residential basketball camp programs and basketball day camp programs are designed to help campers of all levels become well rounded team players. Camps will typically group players according to age and ability and from there focus on the fundamentals of basketball such as: dribbling, ball handling, shooting, passing and rebounding. There are a wide range of programs around, local colleges and schools are good places to check. Staff may include high school and college coaches.

Traditional summer camps with an emphasis on basketball
There are a number of residential and day camp programs around that offer a concentration on basketball while providing a traditional camp experience. These camps are a nice way to gain exposure to basketball and not miss out on other typical camp activities.

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