Study Abroad Summer Programs: A Great Pre-college Experience!

Spending a summer abroad for many teenagers is a way to immerse in another culture, improve or learn a new language and gain greater independence. Many study abroad summer programs are geared to help students become more fluent in a particular language while offering them a rich cultural experience. Other programs include a mixture of academic classes such as: Italian, art history, psychology, and business and economics.

Why go abroad?

There are a number of reasons high school student choose to study abroad; one very important one being they've heard great things from about a program from a friend or sibling. Many students come home from a summer in countries such as: Italy, Spain, France, Australia, Ireland, Mexico and England and have had the best summer of their lives. Why? They've made new friends, gained greater independence, enjoyed classes and cultural excursions. In addition, the experience gives teenagers a chance to experience pre-college life.

How to choose a high school study abroad program?

You certainly can't beat a good referral from another student, sibling or friend. If you don't know anyone personally who has spent a summer abroad, take a look online at Look for programs that offer: travel excursions, exposure to new academic subjects, intensive language study, cultural immersion and recreational activities. For something different consider a student exchange program.

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