Weight Loss Camps for Kids and Teens

With part or all of the summer away at camp, kids and teens can shed pounds and learn how to keep the weight off. The foundation of a quality weight loss camp will provide your child with a new look at nutrition and fitness and show your youngster how to create behavioral changes and a new lifestyle at home. Each summer many pre-teens and teens attend weight loss camps; and the number is growing.

Why go?

The number one reason you send your child to camp is to have fun. A camp that focuses on weight loss is no different. Part of the enjoyment of diet camp is the friendships kids make with others there age, counselors and staff. The other part is:

  • the rewards your child will gain by engaging in new sports and recreational activities
  • the rewards your child will gain in learning about nutrition and how a healthy diet can taste good and be fulfilling
  • the rewards your child will gain in slimming down and increasing self-esteem

What to look for?

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a weight loss summer camp. Take a look at the camps goals and philosophies. Do you like and agree with them. Also, make sure the camp is ACA accredited, if it isn't, find out why not. Take a look at the camps nutritional program, fitness, sports and activity programs. Do you like what you see? Are there testimonials? And most importantly, do they offer an after-care program. It's one thing to loose weight, be active and eat right in camp; harder to do so back at home!

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