Horseback Riding Camp: Improve riding skills have fun!

There are a number of good horseback riding camp programs to choose from. Most are all girl summer camps, as this sport is a bit more popular with girls than boys. That said there are equestrian camps for boys. In general, these camps offer a traditional summer camp experience. Campers have a variety of activities throughout the day, offering a well rounded summer program even if there is greater emphasis on horseback riding.

Emphasis on riding

Summer camps that specialize in horseback riding typically offer English riding, though some offer western riding also. Riding instruction can be daily or 6 days a week at overnight camps. Instructions can include trail rides, ring lessons, to more advanced skills such as jumping, vaulting and competition riding. Riding camps also tend to offer opportunities to learn about grooming, saddling and care of the horses.

Many camps offer non-competitive horse riding programs, giving campers an opportunity to learn riding skills without pressure. Other camps offer a complete focus on horsemanship. These programs are goal-oriented and provide morning through afternoon lessons completely focused on horse riding and activities. The general goal of most equestrian camps is to provide your child with skill advancement, safety and fun!

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