Specialty Camps

  • Computer camps - these academic summer camps are geared towards kids 7 to 16 and incorporate some of the activities of a traditional summer camp to give your child an enjoyable experience that includes balance.

  • Adventure summer camps - teens and youth looking for more adventure than a traditional camp offers should take a look at one of the many adventure programs.

  • Horseback Riding camps - in general, these camps offer a traditional summer camp experience and are usually a bit more popular with girls than boys. Campers have a variety of activities throughout the day, offering a well rounded summer program even if there is greater emphasis on horseback riding.

  • Weight Loss camps - with part or all of the summer away at camp, kids and teens can shed pounds and learn how to keep the weight off. The foundation of a quality weight loss camp will provide your child with a new look at nutrition and fitness and show your youngster how to create behavioral changes and a new lifestyle at home.

  • Acting Camp - Even though there are camps that specifically concentrate on acting, most acting camp programs for kids, youth and teens are part of a wider summer camp program that includes the general term Performing Arts.

  • Music Camps - Playing music and learning from professional musicians is part of what makes music camps so popular with youth and teens.

  • Football Camps - There may be nothing new about how the game of football is played, but as far as football camps go, the number of football camp programs and youth attendees continues to grow.

  • Soccer Camps - Youth soccer camps are a great way for kids and teens to gain new soccer skills over the summer. Camps cater to kids elementary through high school age, 7 to 18, and are geared for novice players as well as those serious players looking to play soccer in college.

  • Summer Golf Camps - If you're a kid or teen looking to become the next Tiger Woods, go to one of the many summer golf camps. Individual golf camps are all around. So too are national camps like US Sports Camps with Nike Junior Golf Camp programs all over the country.

  • Basketball Camps - Basketball has become one of the most popular high school sports for both boys and girls. It's no wonder that when summer comes, kids, youth and teens start dribbling balls at one of the many basketball camps in the US. But which ones: basketball camp programs are diverse?

  • Baseball Camps - Baseball camps just like most sports camp programs offer youth and teens a chance to learn more about the game as well as build greater self esteem. Many baseball camp programs are residential, and one week sessions are common. Baseball day camp and half day camp programs are also available.


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