Kids Camp Clothing - T-shirts, ponchos, raingear, name labels!

If this is the first summer that your son or daughter is going off to sleepaway camp you will probably need to buy some things. Definitely camp name labels! Most overnight camps have a packing list, and you may be able to find it on your camp's website. General items will include camp clothes, gear and bedding. The clothing list will likely include: sock, underwear, shorts, tee-shirts, sweats, swim suits, outdoor gear, jeans, pajamas, raincoat, a set of dress clothes for special occasions, sneakers, hiking boots and sandals. Your resident camp will likely also include quantity of items needed, taking the guesswork out of it!

What to Buy?

Remember, whatever camp clothes you buy or send should have securely fastened name labels attached. (To buy see below). This includes all pants, shirts and outerwear. Most camps have laundry service once a week and it is very easy for clothes to get lost. Also, another bunkmate may have the same piece of clothing.

To Shop Online for Kids Camp Clothing:

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