Teen Tours: Action Packed Travel and Adventure!

Supervised traveling with other teenagers to tour countries overseas or destinations closer by is what makes teen tours so popular. For a unique summer experience, a number of companies specialize in this niche, or offer it as part of several other summer programs for teens.

Traditional European teen tours

Traditional European teen tours include a strong focus on travel. By going on one, teens are exposed to new places and get to enjoy plenty of new experiences travelling with piers. Many tours include several trip choices where teens can enjoy sightseeing, visiting scenic wonders, and also enjoying participating in social and athletic activities. Touring accommodations will vary from one company to the another; some tours stay only in 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts while traveling, others stay in college dormitories and regular hotels. As for group size and tour duration, (from 21 to 45 days) this also depends on your tour. Favorite destinations? France, Spain, Italy

About teen adventure tours

Adventure tours have become very popular with teens. These exciting programs typically offer both adventure and touring, and can be action packed. Adventure highlights may include activities such as: sea kayaking, white water rafting, rock climbing, high rope courses, scuba diving, snorkeling, backpacking and heli-hiking. Touring may include visiting select attractions and locations.

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