Music Camps - More than just summer Fun!

Playing music and learning from professional musicians is part of what makes music camps so popular with youth and teens. With so many summer music and arts programs to choose from around the country, there is a program for every type and level of student musician. While some residential music summer camps focus and immerse students almost entirely in music during the program, other summer camps offer music as part of an art program.

How to find good music summer camps?

There are a number of music camps to choose from for an advanced musician. Finding a camp that focuses on the type of music such as: orchestra, band, rock, classical, jazz, (or playing a particular instrument) can in fact, be easier when there is a specific focus. Many universities and schools offer music camps; and, it is worth looking around locally. You will find schools offering all kinds of musical training and camp programs. A school like Indiana University offers a one week music program that is a "College Audition Preparation Workshop" designed to help a musician learn what is needed to get accepted into a college music program.

For a different experience? Camp that form bands, have jam sessions, teach students to record in a professional studio, make music videos, play concerts and gain onstage experience are very popular with both amateur and skilled musicians.

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