Computer Camps Offer Kids Hands on Computer Training

Computer camps offer your child a step forward into the world of technology. These academic summer camps are geared towards kids 7 to 16 and incorporate some of the activities of a traditional summer camp to give your child an enjoyable experience that includes balance. Tech camps are typically held at college campuses throughout the country, or in some cases, held at hotel locations.

What to expect

There are a lot of computer courses to choose from including: learning game design, C++, Java, robotics, web design, Flash, Photoshop, 3D animation, digital video, video programming, music videos, how to build a PC and more. Some camps offer day camp and overnight camp options with sessions running 1 to multiple weeks. If your child or teen wants to continue taking courses, or advance further in a technical area, camps such as iD Tech and Cybercamps welcome this continued computer training!

What to look for!

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a computer camp program. Location may be important, especially if your child will be attending day camp or just a week session. Many of the tech camps held at top notch universities do a good job of being available in different states and cities. However, you might also want to look for a local computer summer camp in your area. Here are some other considerations:

  • For one-on-instruction: find out how many students per instructor; 5 and 6 students per instructor is very good.
  • Is the camp ACA accredited? If not, find out why.
  • Ask about staff and training.
  • What is the camps curriculum and approach?

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