Football Camps - Get ready for Summer!

There may be nothing new about how the game of football is played, but as far as football camps go, the number of football camp programs and youth attendees continues to grow. In fact, Sports International Football Camps, in business for twenty five years is now up to 22 football camps for summer of 2006; having added several from the summer before. (See: sports camps)

Yet with the increasing popularity of football sports camps, and more to choose from, kids 7-18 have to decide which football summer camp to sign up for. Of course, like most summer camp programs getting a referral from a friend or coach is a great way to go; this also may lead you to a camp closer to your home. But before you decide, consider the type of program you're enrolling in.

Football training programs

Even thought football is a serious contact sport, the game and drills may not be practiced as such in all camp programs. If you want to keep the injuries at bay during your several days at football camp, consider signing up for a controlled contact or no contact football training camp. For a controlled contact camp the coach will blow the whistle before things get overly heated up.

Bringing equipment

With most camps, once you are registered, you will receive a checklist of the football clothing and equipment necessary for camp. Some camps rent and sell equipment to campers. In which case, you can take care of your needs once at camp. However, if you have the clothing and equipment, bring what you need. Equipment may include: one dark and one light colored football jersey, helmet, shoulder pads, pants and pads. Consult your list.

Types of camps

Football youth camps have daily practices run by university coaches, high school coaches and NFL players. If you want to go to an NFL football camp there are several to choose from. However, if your goal is to learn from an NFL player, check to see how involved the headliner is. While in a good NFL player camp the headliner is working with the kids hands-on everyday, at another NFL youth camp the player may be at camp only for a short appearance to sign autographs and take pictures with football campers.

Football camp facts:

  • The majority of football youth camps run for 5 days, some for 3 days
  • Many national football camps offer regional camps throughout the US
  • Camps are located primarily at university campuses
  • Kids, youth and teens sleep in dormitory housing
  • Example: a 5 day residential camp cost - $589 and $689
  • Many offer overnight and day camp options
  • Many camps have online websites

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