Baseball Camps: Batter Up!

Baseball camps just like most sports camp programs offer youth and teens a chance to learn more about the game as well as build greater self esteem. Many baseball camp programs are residential, and one week sessions are common. Baseball day camp and half day camp programs are also available. Building on the skill level of the player, these camps tend to immerse youngsters and teens into the sport. Training drills along with learning baseball fundamentals are often scheduled into each camp day's sessions. A typical day at baseball camp (overnight or day) may include some of the following:

  • Team drills
  • Separate position drills for positions such as pitcher and catcher
  • Batting practice
  • Infield and outfield training
  • Offensive and defensive training

Other Programs

There are also specialty camps, such as Fast Pitch Softball Camps and NPA Pitching Clinic Camps. Fast Pitch Softball camps, for girls and teens, is a great way to help softball players improve for high school or to prepare to play in college. There are a number of Fast Pitch softball camp programs offered at different times and locations during the summer. Look online for the summer schedule and sign up early. Another choice, NPA Pitching camps are a great opportunity for the budding pitcher. With a concentration on teaching the mechanics of pitching and the necessary strength training and conditioning requirements essential for the position, a player can improve and have a great time.

  • What kind of staff works with and teaches the players? It all depends. Some camps hire college coaches, professional coaches and major league players.

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