SAT Tests: Getting a Good Score!

SAT tests have been being administered for over 100 years. Over this time period, millions of pre-college high school students have sought ways to get their best score possible, because SAT test scores influences college admissions. These test results also follow a student into future education such as graduate school. In addition, SAT scores are also important for a student who will be enrolling in a community college and then transferring into a 4 year college program. So the question is how to get a good score?

To get a good score, there are several steps you can take. However, none will guarantee the results of your test. Keep in mind, that not all colleges and universities place the same value on the test. Some schools rely more heavily on a potential candidates' achievements, community service and why they want to attend a particular college. For the schools where test scores matter, here are some ways to help you get a good score.

  • Plan ahead
  • Look at your options for SAT preparation
  • Take advantage of diagnostic evaluations
  • Take the SAT exam more than once

Planning Ahead of the Test

Not only the SAT, there are other standardized tests required for college admissions. Some schools require students take Subject tests and/or the ACT test. Each college has their own set of criteria. Therefore, it is essential for high school students to plan ahead and figure out when it's best to take each test and plan in advance and coordinate both signing up and preparing for the test.

SAT Prep

Buy College and Sat prep books

Outside of high school's often challenging work load, students looking to take the SAT exam have to schedule time to study and prepare for the test. Test prep classes are very popular, and most students are familiar with SAT preparation classes offered by Kaplan and others. Online preparation is another way to buckle up and get prepared. Also study guides and SAT books include plenty of practice tests, questions and strategies. Students should keep in mind that being well prepared when heading into the test, can not only help to improve their scores, it can also raise their confidence.

SAT Diagnostic Tests

Taking a diagnostic test can help a student to improve SAT scores. These tests have become very popular, prep classes use them, online classes offer them and there are some free diagnostics through Sylvan. How are they helpful? A good SAT practice test diagnostic can evaluate the students' strengths and weaknesses. Through evaluation a specific study program can help the student to improve in areas where needed.

Take the SAT Again

It is very common for students to retake their sat exam, hoping to improve their scores, which will then be sent or submitted to college. If a student didn't get the score he/or she was aiming for, taking the test again (don't forget to study) is not a bad idea.

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