Types of financial aid for summer camps - private and nonprofit

Looking for financial aid for summer camps? Many summer camps provide some form of financial aid for families who cannot afford full tuition. Often, it is on a first-come, first-served basis, with a variable list of criteria that needs to be met such as: family income, child's merit, or the Federal free and reduced cost lunch criteria. Usually these funds are very limited so it is imperative that you start your search for a camp of your child's interest in your area early. Deadlines for applications may be as early as late January or early February for the summer program.


Aid may be full tuition or a partial grant. Some camps require you go through the standard enrollment process, which may also include: health records and personal recommendations, as well as paying an application, or initial fee (some may be non-refundable so make sure you clarify before sending). The request for financial aid is noted on the application and is considered after the student is accepted into the summer camp. And if you applied for and were accepted to a camp the previous year, this does not necessarily guarantee that you will be accepted each year. On a positive note - you will already know the application procedures.

Don't worry, applications are easy!

If it is your first time seeking financial aid, don't get discouraged about the numerous requirements. Many financial aid applications we reviewed online were not lengthy; often only a page or two. The need for supporting documentation varied. Some requested letters from the children as to why they want to attend the camp (probably wouldn't hurt to include that even if not required) and also information from the parents with an explanation of circumstance.
Since the financial aid route is limited, you may also want to look into free and nonprofit summer camp options. Take a look at our resources page, and explore some of the non-profit summer camp related organizations.

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